Greetings, I am

Luca Benini

Photographer and traveller for passion, I unearth my most intimate vision of landscapes through art
photography. In my works I’m not referring to the physical environment, but to the conceptual and
imaginary one that only our very soul understands. What I’m searching for is an introspective
exploration, a mesh of two words into one. Sceneries sometimes vivid, other times dark or action-
packed. The use of lighting and colour transports us in these parallel words, shrouded in pathos and
bathed in our deepest emotions. It’s not just “seeing” the landscape, but becoming part of it.
In the last year I did win several competitions and received many awards of the international
photography scene, such as Kuwait Photo Contest, HIPA, WPO, Epson Pano, ND Award, HIPA, Oasis