Lucroit Holder and Filter by Luca Benini
3 luglio 2017

Lucroit Holder and Filter

Lucroit Filter System Overview

The Lucroit holder was designed by a Spanish engineer who wanted to find a solution to both the Nikon 14-24 problem and that of other similar wide angle lenses.

The holder easily fits on the lens by a solid metal bayonet mount with a retaining rubber ring which holds it in place.

It fits snuggly around the lens hood making it difficult to fall off. The Lucroit holder is made out of plastic so it’s very light and just clicks onto the bayonet.

The holder can take 2 filters which I think is plenty. It has been designed to take 165mm filters with grads being 165 x 200mm (6.5 x 8 Inch). With this size of filter there is no chance of seeing any vignetting at such wide angles which is great. They sent me quite a few different filters which included grads and solid ND, 10 and 6 stop.

Lucroit filters easily slip into the holder and fit tightly in so they cannot slip but lose enough so you can move them to compose your shot.

While working the filters were very easy to use and would keep the filters separately in the front pocket so they were easy to get to when i would need to swap over to another filter.

Due to their size it does make things a little difficult when carrying them around but this all depends on the bag you use to store your gear.

When you see the quality of these filters you’ll find a way to take these with you on every shoot!

I didn’t see much colour casting when using the filters only when i used a strong neutral density like the 6 0r 10 stop plus a grad would i see a bit of colour casting but with the magical properties of Photoshop this is easily removed.

After 2 years of using this setup I can say how impressed I’ve been with it, giving me the ability to be more creative with my photography to get the shots that I want. Compared to the Haida and Nisi filter the quality of Lucroit is much more better. I can promise you if you go with this filter holder for your super wide angle lens you will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting me!

Visit the page for more information about Filter kit as well as other systems available.

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